Build Wealth With Confidence.

We'll teach you what you need to know to be a knowledgeable investor and show you how to find the best strategy that fits your long-term goals. After completing this course, you'll be able to:

  • Evaluate and analyze stocks/mutual funds/ETFs like the experts do.

  • Build your own investment strategy for achieving your long-term financial goals.

  • Manage your own portfolio without paying an advisor.

  • Take advantage of both bull and bear markets.

  • Put your plan into action and start investing right away!

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Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome to Wise Wealth Investing!
  • 2
    Everything About Stocks
    • How to Make Money With Stocks
    • Financial Ratios
    • Fundamental Analysis
    • Reading a Stock Chart
    • Evaluating Risk
    • Bears and Bulls
    • Everything About Stocks Quiz
  • 3
    Becoming an Investor
    • Your Investing Strategy
    • Morningstar Walkthrough
    • Creating Your Investment Plan
    • Investment Planner
    • Getting Started
    • Becoming an Investor Quiz
  • 4
    You Made It!
    • Congrats! Here's What's Next...


  • Cortlon Cofield


    Cortlon Cofield

    Cortlon Cofield is the Co-founder of Money Master, LLC and the Owner & Advisor of Cofield Advisors, LLC. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) licensed in the state of Illinois with a Masters Degree in Accountancy. Moreover, he is a Personal Financial Planner and trusted Financial Advisor with years of experience. Follow him on IG @Cofield_Advisor.
  • Josh Ramos


    Josh Ramos

    Josh is the Co-founder of Money Master, LLC and the Founder of Josh is dedicated to helping students and young professionals learn the skills necessary to build wealth. Follow him on IG @Homeat30.

Tools and Resources

These supplemental materials will help you apply your learning from the course and start seeing results!

  • Investment Planner

    We get it - there's so much information you need to process! Our investment planner helps you solidify your strategy and organize your thoughts for specific investments, helping you take action while feeling confident about it.

  • Morningstar Walkthrough

    Morningstar is an investment research platform that provides key data and tools that help your investment portfolio succeed. Our guide will teach you how to use Morningstar and what factors to consider when investing in mutual or index funds.

  • Financial Ratio Guide

    It may not be your favorite pastime, but as investors, we need to analyze financial ratios to properly select stocks. This guide breaks down the most important price, profitability, liquidity, debt, and efficiency ratios, making them easy to understand and implement.



    Monthly webinars allow you to connect with the course instructors and get all your questions answered about the course content.


    We've teamed up with Cofield Advisors to deliver clear strategies for making your money grow. Just a beginner? Don't worry - this course is designed for you.


    The course is self-paced and takes about 30 minutes, so you can go from learning to earning today! Then you can go crazy with our free tools and supplemental materials.


    Literally. Tired of lecture halls, PowerPoint and textbooks? Same here. Our lessons are made with animation software that's sure to keep you engaged from start to finish.

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